The castle

The picturesque village of Perno rises in the heart of the Langhe.
The Castle, which dominates the surrounding landscape, was built in the Middle Ages as a defensive fortalice and transformed between the 17th and 19th centuries into a residential dwelling.
Castello di Perno also represents a piece of history of Italian culture: in fact, it was the headquarters, twin of the one in via Biancamano in Turin, of the Giulio Einaudi publishing house. In particular, it was the residence for the study and artistic activity of the Einaudian writers – Primo Levi was one of the most frequent visitors – and theater of seminars and meetings between the greatest personalities of the Italian culture of the republican age.

Currently owned by Gregorio Gitti, Castello di Perno has not only become the center of a high-level winemaking activity, but intends to return to being a home for culture, with particular attention to contemporary arts.